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Actual PCAB Renewal Experience - from a Contractor

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Familiarity and Review is a MUST in using the PCAB Renewal Portal. It's automated, so whatever data you input will be final once you press submit. Work slowly and do analyzation before finalizing it.

See below an example of what happened to one of our clients who did his own renewal application. This client went back to us after making this mistake, asking for help to correct it.

Conclusion : Study well the flow of your application and be careful in sending data to the portal, it can affect your application greatly. Reversing it will take time because you need to seek approval from PCAB Main Office.

For Renewal Documentation Assistance, please contact our Firm at

0906-2341550 Globe / 0921-5206111 Smart Or leave your contact details here:

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