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COSH - Construction Occupational Safety & Health

COSH - Construction Occupational Safety & Health Seminar

*Requirement to obtain a PCAB License Certificate for AMO and STE.

COSH Seminar is the 40-hour mandatory course for designated safety officers, safety representatives of various contractors, sustaining technical employees (STEs) of construction firms and others whose work revolves around work safety and health in construction sites. It is also a requirement for accreditation as safety practitioners in the construction industry in the Philippines. It tackles key OSH concepts, principles and practices that are foundational knowledge requirements in the construction industry. Specifically, it facilitates learning on the importance of OSH  in the construction industry. There are also discussions on excavation and demolition safety;   safety of construction machineries  (as cranes and mobile equipment); safety of site premises; safety in the use of temporary structures, hand and power tools, fall protection while working at heights; environmental concerns and waste disposal on site. The use of interventions as tool box meetings,  job hazards analysis excavation and demolition safety are also included. Furthermore, there are also discussions on the  various laws and latest issuances on OSH in the industry. As an integrating activity, participants are also given tips on the development and or enhancement of the Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP).

Schedule this September and October 2019:

September 21,22,28,29

October 5,6,12,13

October 19,20,26,27

*All Weekends (Sat-Sun)

8AM to 5PM

To book, simply message us here or text 0906-2341550

Fee : Php7,500

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