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SEC Registration (Partnership, Corporation , One Person Corporation)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Registering your company via SEC, you must 1st determine if its Partnership, Corporation or One Person Corporation).

ONLINE SEC Registration

Once your there, click this to start registering your company :

Just follow the instructions once your inside the SEC portal. If you will find difficulty and you think you need assistance, simply contact us : (TACS) Triple A Consultancy Services Co. at this telephone no. 0966-843-2926 (8am to 6pm)

What information i need to prepare?

  • Prepare three(3) unique company names (Inc. Incorporated, Corp., Corporation)

  • Gather the Incorporators information (Fullname, Address, Tin no.,share of ownership)

  • Establish the Authorized Capital, Paid Up and Subscribe Capital

How long will it take to get the SEC Certificate

The advertise promise of SEC is 30 days after filing or shorter.

In reality and based on our experience 60 days or more.

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