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NO MORE FISCAL YEAR: NEW PCAB Licenses now valid for 1 YEAR ✔️

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

A common question or complaint to us by our clients is the date of renewal once they have their PCAB License. We always say, PCAB is "FISCAL YEAR" , meaning it starts its year every July 1 and end every June 30 the following year.

For example : You got your PCAB license December of 2021, the renewal due date shall be June 30, 2022 (which was based on the license ending number). Here, you will immediately say, this is not right because I can only use my license for 6 months.

However, I think PCAB Office is listening to these complaints because recently we have noticed that the PCAB licenses getting approved are now valid for exactly one (1) year use. We tried to research for a memo issued or any news posted by PCAB but we have found none. Maybe this was adjusted internally. See sample illustration below.

With this development, now you can apply anytime of the year and still enjoy one (1) whole year license effectivity. Thank you PCAB Office!

FOR PCAB LICENSE DOCUMENTATION ASSISTANCE and a convenient way of doing your application, you may contact our Offices:
MANILA (MAIN - RIZAL) : 0906-2341550 VISMIN (CEBU) : 0905-4038504

We also have a facebook page: Feel free to leave a comment or message us if you have any questions.


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