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"Pakyaw" Newest Contractor's License

1st of all let's congratulate Team PCAB for initiating this newest small enterprise contractors license. Thank you mga Sir & Maam!

Though this might be a repost of PCAB latest social media post, we will try our best to comment and give our opinion and comments in this latest update in PCAB licensing.

Now, let's repost PCAB marketing banners for the info of all aspiring FILIPINO CONTRACTORS.

These banners and marketing info is owned by: Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.

SEE BELOW other info of PCAB about this newest license category:

COMMENT : As you see above the age bracket was reduced from 25 years old to 18 years old. This is a good solution for younger aspiring contractors, engineers, architect and entrepreneurs.

Another solution to those who have a DTI labeled as "Municipal or Regional scope territory only. As consultant we have encountered several issues that prevents other pcab license applicants from applying due to these reasons, so its a good solution.

TAKE NOTE : Three (3) Certificates needed .

There are two seminars needed to attend as well.

  1. One day Entrepreneurial Skills

  2. One day Safety Seminar

We will post all info banners of PCAB and continue reading it. They have issued a comparison chart of PAKYAW versus Regular PCAB License.

Keep reading below for very useful information and will also do some informative comments that will help you decide if you will go for PAKYAW license or just proceed with a Regular PCAB License.

COMMENT : Before you proceed further, eto muna ang pag isipan mo. PCAB said this is for PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION WORK / PROJECT ONLY!

So kun may plan ka mag Government work (Bidding) this is not for you.

COMMENT : You might ask kun ano ba ang TESDA Courses na may National Certification II sa TESDA under construction related skills. Eto ang link :

COMMENT : With the One(1) Seminars, we do not have much info about this, as instructed ask CDMF (Construction Development Manpower Foundation) See link below :

COMMENT : The company equity of Php 20,000 is reachable. Madali lang itong abutin.

Thank you PCAB for adjusting this for small time contractor.

COMMENT : So this is one downside, "you cannot UPGRADE it"

Apply for a Regular license if you think your ready already and you can comply with the requirements of CATEGORY E or D.


Over-all, we will still recommend to apply for a Regular PCAB License as it gives you flexibility in dealing with your construction business.

But if you are still young (below 25 years old). This type of license is a great solution for you to legitimize your business.

For more info and consultation, our company experts are in standby for your needs.

Just message us at : 0935-051-8538 / 0921-549-5991 (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday).

Thank you for reading our blog!


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