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PAYLITE 🍃 PCAB Assistance

PAYLITE 🍃 Details:
  • This type of PCAB Assistance is for companies that just needs initial assessment, evaluation, advice and coaching only.

  • Pay 20% only to book your Zoom meeting appointment with us.

  • You may use your Credit or Debit Card for payment (payment details and options in our email proposal).

  • Pay the 80% Final fee before the Zoom meeting Day.

Scope of Work & Timeline:
  1. After receiving the 20% down payment, client will email the requirements we will ask for in our checklist

  2. We will evaluate and come up with a strategy for your application

  3. We will book your Zoom meeting appointment with us ( 2 hours duration )

  4. We will explain in the Zoom meeting our strategy & requirements checklist

  5. 80% of the fee shall be paid

  6. In the Zoom meeting, we will do consultation, Q&A and Evaluation

  7. 2 to 3 Participants only during the Zoom meeting

  8. After the Zoom meeting, client shall be given another Zoom meeting date for Final Q&A 7 to 10 days after the first Zoom meeting only. We set a duration because we will keep records of the meeting for two weeks only.

  9. In the event that the client encounters difficulty in processing their own application to PCAB, they can decide to sign up for FULL Assistance; just pay an additional fee of 27,990php (fixed fee for all categories) and we will take over the application for you.

  10. This type of Paylite PCAB Assistance is for Documentation review, evaluation and advice only. Please note that encoding the affidavit, STE experience input, notary and other evaluations are not included in the Paylite offer.

PAYLITE 🍃 PCAB Assistance price per Category

If you think you need help in determining what category and classification you belong please call our firm to assist you, contact us: 0906-234-1550 / 0935-051-8538 Globe 0921-549-5991 Smart Through text, call or Viber

Or leave your contact details here:

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