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PCAB Documentation Assistance Christmas Promo 2021

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Mechanics :

SIGN UP now on or before December 17, 2021 and avail our PCAB Documentation Assistance Christmas Promo for 2021

SAVE as much as Php35,000 on your renewal of PCAB license for the year 2022-2023.


  • If you sign up for CATEGORY D and was able to get a PCAB license for 2021-2022 you will be obligated to RENEW your License before June 30, 2022. With this you will need documentation assistance again. Our Renewal assistance fee is Php40,000 for CAT. D (2022-2023) and because you signed up now, you don't have to pay our assistance fee. However, you will pay the PCAB License certificate fee to PCAB office and other documents that you might not have, like Audited Financial Statement or Interim AFS. **Please note that the FREE renewal is our assistance fees*

  • The advantage is that we will monitor and inform you of the renewal of your license 2022-2023 and you can save at least Php35,000 up from assistance.

  • The free renewal applies on fiscal year 2022 to 2023 only. If you miss this year you cannot avail the promo anymore.

  • Other expenses that might occur in your Renewal 2022-2023 if you do not have in your documents :

1. Annual Audited Financial Statement or Interim AFS

2. Sustaining Technical Employee

3. PCAB License Fee ( to be paid to PCAB office)

4. ARCC renewal fee (if your ARCC is up for renewal)

Duration of this promo : Up to December 17, 2021 only.

So hurry and get your PCAB License now!

To inquire, simply message us or call us at these nos.: GLOBE : 0935-051-8538 / 0906-2341550 SMART : 0921-5495991 Landline: 02-8-961-7568

Or leave your contact details here:

We also have a facebook page: free to leave a comment or message us if you have any questions.


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