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PhilGEPS Platinum: Why is it good for your business?

In order to get contracts to supply materials and services for various government agencies, you need a PhilGEPS membership. You may already be an observer or have an existing PhilGEPS membership, but why do you need Platinum? You need the Platinum Membership to be able to actively bid on projects you might be interested in.

"But why exactly is it good for my business?"

Attractive portfolio for potential clients/prospects

It is a great way to promote your business. When you market your company having a completed government contract, it will positively affect how your prospects view your business' capabilities, and they will begin to see you as a more trustworthy company.

Access to a larger network

Along with the trust your business will gain, closing deals with government agencies will lead to more opportunities, including upselling or cross-selling with the same agency or

getting referrals that will help you close deals with other government agencies.

A better source of income

Businesses that win government contracts have a better opportunity to create a regularly recurring income because government projects can likely turn into continuous programs.

You can register via their portal here:

PhilGEPS Merchant (Supplier) Registration Link:

Need assistance in registering for PhilGEPS Platinum? We can help you. Click here:


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