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10 important things about PCAB New Application 2022-23

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

We wanted to share 10 important things about PCAB License application (NEW, 2022-2023).

The info will be mixed info from Single prop. to Corporation. Take what you need and carry on. If you are doing the application by yourself these info are just a tip of the iceberg, you need to dig deeper to gather all the information and documents that you need in order to complete your PCAB new license application.

Let's start --- again this info is random and not in order (from Sole to Corp.)

1. If you're Single Prop. Your DTI must be "NATIONAL" - not Municipal or Regional

If it so happen that your regional or municipal, go to the nearest DTI and request for it to be revise into "National" . If in any case that DTI will not change it due to same name in other parts of the Philippines then you are obligated to change your business name because there are no work around this situation.

2. If you're Single Prop. The owner in DTI Certificate will be the AMO (Authorized Managing Officer)

You cannot change this or the owner cannot elect one. Only the spouse can replace the owner but there are procedure for the replacement as well written in PCAB affidavit.

3. If you're OPC (One Person Corporation) AMO (Authorized Managing Officer) can only be the owner, alternate or nominee (3 people listed in your SEC papers).

4. If you're a CORPORATION The owners or shareholders can elect an AMO.

He or She must have a high management position in the company because he/she will be given a high authority as an AMO.

5. This applies to all (Single Prop. - Partnership - Corp.- OPC)

If you are getting a PCAB License Category D above your STE (Sustaining Technical Employee) should have at least a minimum of three years valid PRC I.D. and corresponding construction experience. The STE experience has a lot of explaining and study needed. So with this it must be carefully studied because it will affect your application.

6. If you're applying for PCAB License Category E, you don't need an STE.

7. This applies to all (Single Prop. - Partnership - Corp.- OPC)

If you're applying for PCAB License and your intention is for bidding on GOVERNMENT PROJECTS, be aware that you need to CLICK ARCC (Allowable Ranges of Contract Cost) and press YES so you will be directed to another fill up forms and you must fill up the info need so you will get your license with ARCC Government license. Please note that ARCC will have additional charges from PCAB. If its Category D or C your ARCC estimated charge from PCAB is Php13k ++.

8. This applies to all (Single Prop. - Partnership - Corp.- OPC) One primary requirement that PCAB is looking at your application is the AUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENT.

If your current AFS is negative equity, PCAB will automatically DECLINE your application.

9. PENALTIES - ALF (Additional License Fee)

If you encounter this in your payment order in PCAB before your license is release this means that you are getting charge of penalty for operating without PCAB License. Usually the penalty ranges from Php5,000 to Php10,000 per year of operation without PCAB License.

10. PCAB License Duration : PCAB is based on Fiscal year.

Instead of starting January, the calendar of PCAB starts on the month of JULY.

Example is if you are applying your PCAB now, you will be given a license effective from

JULY 2022 up to JUNE 2023. So if you will apply now (March 2022) you can still use your License up to June 30, 2022.

We do hope these 10 things about PCAB License somehow enlightened you with your study on how you can apply the PCAB License on your own.

In any case we still recommend our services of documentation assistance for the purpose of convenience and shorter timeline.

We have so many choices in our services ranging from simple document coaching up to full assistance of documents. To inquire simply message us or call us at these nos.

GLOBE : 0935-051-8538 / 0906-2341550

SMART : 0921-5495991 / 0969-0389481

Or leave your contact details here:

We also have a facebook page: Feel free to leave a comment or message us if you have any questions.

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