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PCAB License Requirements 2024-25

Updated: May 21

Updating the PCAB LICENSE requirements list for 2024-2025 (NEW APPLICATION).

If you are applying for the first time this year (2024) you will get the 2024-2025 license already. PCAB License used to be based on fiscal year, but now, it will be valid for exactly 1 YEAR.

PCAB Office provided an ONLINE PORTAL application. Here's the portal link :

In order for you to apply with ease you may want to consider completing these requirements and documents first : (For Single Proprietorship)

  1. DTI Certificate

  2. BIR COR.

  3. SSS Registration Certificate

  4. Philhealth Registration Certificate

  5. Pag-Ibig Registration Certificate

  6. Latest ITR /Audited Financial Statement

  7. Tangible Asset - Proof of Ownership

             - Money in the Bank

             - Land /Building Asset

             - Transportation Vehicle /Equipment

             - Construction equipment / machineries

      8. AMO Seminar / AMO NBI

      9. COSH Seminar for AMO and STE

    10. STE valid PRC ID and NBI

*Above are basic requirements in applying PCAB License this 2024-2025, there are other requirements if you will analyze the forms / affidavit in the link provided above.

*Above requirements are based on SOLE /SINGLE Prop., there are other requirements specific for OPC, Corporation & Partnership.

If you are doing the application on your own without a consultant firm helping you out, be extra careful and study all moves before finalizing and inputting the info to PCAB portal.

What you send will be final and will determine the result of your PCAB License application.

Common situation if you make a mistake after filing on your own are the following:

  • A. PCAB License denial

  • B. PCAB License downgrade (example if your applying for (CAT. D and you made a mistake: you will most likely get a CAT. E)

Choosing to get a Consultant will provide you a good back office that can make your application convenient and you will have a coach guiding you with the requirements.

Here under are some of the listed requirements :

We can assist you, simply message or call us at these nos.: GLOBE : 0935-051-8538 / 0906-234-1550 SMART : 0921-5495991 Landline: 02-8-961-7568 You can also contact us thru Viber

Or leave your contact details here:

 Feel free to leave a comment or message us if you have any questions.


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