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Construction Accounting Software 2023

Updated: May 17

Real Time Accounting Project analysis is what a contractor needs so he can see the profit and loss per project.

Sad to say that even with an accountant employee or a CPA auditor by your side there is always delays in financial report and analysis. With this delay it can result negative losses with your projects or even worst your total company's profit.

Through the years we are doing accounting consultancy and audit, the most common issue or problem in a contractor is not knowing whether he/she can earn from the project he/she is doing. We teamed up with the leading software app provider and therefore find this amazing CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE for Contractors.

SME Contractors can surely benefit from this REAL TIME Financial reports.

REPORTS you can generate from this SYSTEM Solutions are the following:










BIG Companies have several accounting staff and a CPA to help them generate these reports and have them explain the reports above. Now, with the software above by your side you can see the reports per project on real time from anywhere you are even your in the province or abroad. Thus will help you make decisions before any problems or losses will occur. A big help for sure to know if you will earn from the existing project or not.

Question : What's my cost and investment to acquire this Construction Accounting System App?

Answer : It will only cost you one (1) complete Computer set with Windows 7 to 10 system and an 8 gb. RAM .

1 employee encoder and our amazing Software (Cost for this shall be forwarded via email, contact us).

If I avail the Accounting Software, what is the duration of the license? Can i renew it after it expires?

Answer: Three(3) years is the duration you can enjoy the Accounting Software (Sulit na Sulit)

Yes, you can renew it for another (3) years.

You want to know more?

Let us set a Zoom Meeting so we can discuss it too you and your boss the advantage of this amazing Accounting Software solution.

With this you can have peace of mind knowing if you are earning or not in every project and your entire operation.

STEPS to proceed and know more.

  1. Text or Call us at 0906-234-1550

  2. Provide these information : FULL NAME / COMPANY NAME / EMAIL Address

  3. Provide available date and time to have a Zoom Meeting with the decision makers

After our demo we will send the quotation to you.

You may also email us at :

With the above Construction Accounting Software, we are confident that you can manage your business better and can improve your cash flow every month and every projects.

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