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Crowd - Free Transaction (PCAB Assistance)

Crowd - Free Transaction - "No Contact - No Problem" While we are all in Community Quarantine, we have all the time in the world to process and apply you PCAB LICENSE. We can do this by transacting with us using any Credit Card or Debit Card.

(Convenient & Easy)

STEP 1 - CLIENT shall pass to us the info of the following : FULL NAME, Company Name, Company Address, Cell Number and EMAIL ADDRESS (info is a must)

STEP 2 - Our Company (TACS) shall email the details of the CROWD FREE Transaction

STEP 3 - CLIENT shall review the email details and Email us back if approved

STEP 4 - If Client will proceed, the Quotation we sent you must be sign and email back to us

Let us know your payment options : 1. Credit Card / Debit Card or 2. BDO Bank

Bank Deposit (In this way we can send you the details

STEP 5 - Once we received the Down Payment will proceed to STEP 5

Will submit our Exclusive easy to understand Requirement Checklist & our

Consultant will call you for Document Assessment and review

You may also ask our consultant questions.

STEP 6 - You may SCAN and EMAIL to us the available documents that you have for review

STEP 7 - Our Admin Staff shall email you the lacking requirements

STEP 8 - Final Review and Assessment - Our Consultant will call you

STEP 9 - PCAB Filing Day - Here you may pay us the full amount because our work ends here

STEP 10 - After filing get your PCAB License in 30 days or less

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