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Disapproved PCAB Application? Here's what you can do ✔️

  1. TRY to contact PCAB Office via email : and state your case. Ask for an explanation why you got disapproved.

  2. If PCAB is unreachable or you cannot get a clear answer to your disapproval it is advice to do resubmission of your application ang get a CONSULTANT to do the application for you. The consultant will review all your documents before resubmission of the application.

  3. If PCAB was able to give you a clear answer and you think you can do the application and resubmission, you may proceed but with caution because you do not want to wait and get the same disapproval after 30-40 days of waiting


Q: How can we know why we get disapproved?

A: Get in touch with PCAB via : or their FB PAGE

Q: If we will re-apply and submit again our application , can we attach the same proof of payment or the EOR?

A: The answer to this is "YES & NO" - We have tried attaching the previous EOR and sometimes it work and sometimes do not. Our client get charge again for the new re-application. So it's 50/50.

You can try and when PCAB notified you to pay up again then you may do so and proceed so you can proceed with your application.

Q: We still don't know how we can pass the PCAB application because PCAB did not have a clear reason why we got disapproved. What to do?

A: The best thing to do is to consult with the expert in this field. You can get our services if in doubt so you can be sure that two or more people studying your papers before submission (CPA & PCAB Documentation expert)

You may also take a risk and do it on your own if you think you can fix the first issue on your papers and save some bucks.

Q: What are the usual issues for the disapproval?

A: Top 3 (three) are the following:

  1. Financial Statement incomplete (Need SMR attachment from ITR and AFS), here most applicants do not have these in their AFS/ITR

  2. STE (Engineer / Architect) qualifications are not sufficient or interviews are not successful

  3. The one doing the data input in the PCAB portal did not attach the documents properly or incomplete

Lastly, if the same mistakes are happening, when in doubt, the best thing you can do is to seek professional help from a legit and reliable consultancy office. Our firm is at the top of this field and we provide official receipts.

We have been doing this for the past 5 years or so and our employees are top notch. Our services are reliable and trusted, we not only give our client advices about PCAB but also assist for other documents like BIR and SEC.

We can assist you, simply message or call us at these nos.: GLOBE : 0935-051-8538 / 0906-2341550 / 0906-234-1550 SMART : 0921-5495991 Landline: 02-8-961-7568 Available M-F, 8am-5pm You can also contact us thru Viber

We also have a facebook page: Feel free to leave a comment or message us if you have any questions.


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