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How to apply for a PCAB License?

How to apply for a PCAB LICENSE ? #HowtoapplyforaPCABLicense

First to know is what is a PCAB License?

We already BLOG this last Sept.28,2019 see the link under:

From CIAP PCAB website it state this simple steps:

1.Download an application form (from PCAB website)

2.Accomplish the form properly and attached corresponding supporting documents.

3.Submit application for checklisting/prescreening.

4.Pay the required upfront fee.Wait for license release.

Approved license will be mailed directly to the owner/firm via courier.

**We wish it is this simple but in actual its not. Those who applied would attest to this statement.

Now, based on our experience this are the things you must do or consider 1st so you will have a smooth application processing:

1. Study the PCAB License Category / Classification so you would know what level of category you will get. Will post here the CATEGORY & CLASSIFICATION for your reference

2. Schedule the necessary AMO and COSH Seminars

3. Check if you have all the Business Registrations already such as Mayors Permit, BIR Reg COR, SSS, Philhealth and Pag Ibig certificates.

4. Secure and get your Financial Statements ready

**If you want the above requirements procedure and requirements explained to you with ease secure our Consultancy Services.

How many days will i expect my PCAB License once filed?

-As per PCAB advertisement , 30 days after filing .

I need a Consultant that can help me process this, I am always busy.

Its easy, text or call these numbers: 0966-843-2926 Globe / 0998-3987536 Smart

0906-2341550 Globe / 0921-520-6111 Smart

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