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Attention ! PCAB License Owners please be aware that the RENEWAL of PCAB Licenses started already last February 01 to 14 is the 1st Batch PCAB License ending no. 0 should submit their renewal papers to PCAB Office Makati to avoid penalties.

What is the scenario on per month basis if you will delay your RENEWAL application, see below:

To know if you need to RENEW already your PCAB License, see the License ending no. and see the CHART Below:

Get proper help and assistance, our FIRM is ready to help you and make that proper steps in RENEWING your PCAB License 2020-2021. AVOID Long Lines and LONG Waiting RENEW now.

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3 comentarios

mimi carbonell
mimi carbonell
10 mar 2021

what is the website of PCAB?

Me gusta

where can i upload requirement for additional classification and correction to our renewed license No. 25974 and correction on the particulars. We are a corporation and not partnership on the particular portion. can we sent requirement thru email.

Me gusta

Nerven Resus
Nerven Resus
13 ago 2020

May i ask about the renewal of PCAB Special License (JV),

Is it possible to renew PCAB License (JV) through Online Portal?

Me gusta
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