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Why you got the WRONG CATEGORY: PCAB License tips

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

You have to be careful when you submit your documents, because once you've submitted, the PCAB assessor will review it based on the affidavit forms , info and the documents attached.

Without tedious review of the affidavit, it will result in your PCAB License denial or downgrade of category or classification.

For example:

You're trying to hit Category D and you submitted your documents to PCAB-- without final review or scrutinizing the financial and technical requirements. Result: You will likely have the category E instead. (instead of Cat. D which you applied for) Explanation: Any mistake would lead to downgrade of category, and you cannot upgrade immediately. It will take 6 months for you to apply for the category that you wanted to get or applied for.

There is no work around this rule of PCAB.

So, for you not to fall into this situation, the remedy is to review the FINANCIAL EQUITY info of the company and the STE qualifications before submitting it.

Another way is for you to get a Consultancy Firm that will assist you with your documentation and coach you all through out your application.

Our FIRM is reliable, honest & focused. We can assist you, simply email us at or text/call us at 0906-2341550 Globe / 0921-5206111 Smart

In conclusion :

If you do not know, seek help.

Seek the professional help of a Consultancy Firm / Legal Office. We can assist and advise you.

Contact us: 0906-2341550 Globe / 0921-5206111 Smart Or leave your contact details here:

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